Eye Treatments

We are the Only Centre in Mysuru to treat Retinitis Pigmentosa, Refractive Errors (Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism), Age – Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy and more eye related treatments at your service.

Types of Eye Treatments

1. Tharpana

In Ayurveda, Tharpana is a therapeutic procedure that involves nourishing and rejuvenating the eyes through a specialized form of eye treatment. It’s primarily aimed at maintaining eye health, improving vision, and addressing certain eye-related conditions. For two to ten minutes, pure medicinal ghee is applied to the eyes. The procedure prevents glaucoma improves the optical nerves, and cools the eyes. A specially prepared medicate oil containing Brimhana Dravyas is poured over the eyes, and the patient is made to lie on his or her back on the dhroni. The patient is winked for a minimum of about 35 minutes, gradually increasing daily for a maximum of 50 minutes and gradually decreasing vice-versa. A paste of blackgram mixed with lukewarm water is formed in a receptacle around the orbit. Usually, this is done every seven to eleven days.The therapy improves dry eye syndrome, pain, and burning sensation in the eyes. It also strengthens the muscles surrounding the eyes and relieves eye strain from things like computers, driving, late-night activities, strong sunshine, welding rays, and furnace heat. It is the greatest treatment for conditions affecting the eyes, such as retinopathies, ptosis, cataracts, fatigue and weakening of the ocular muscles.

Benefits : 

  • Improves clarity of vision. The ayurvedic eye remedy tharpanam strengthens the optic nerves, which enhances eyesight.
  • Eliminate the black circles below your eyes. 
  • rejuvenation of the eyes
  • strengthens the nerves in the eyes

2. Putapaka

Putapaka is a practice in which a prepared frame is used to hold lukewarm medicated juice (swarasa), created with the aid of putapaka vidhi, in the eyes for an estimated period of time. Following tarpana therapy, putapaka is performed to strengthen the eyes.

This method is used after tarpana with the goal of reducing tarpana’s negative consequences. In cases of chronic inflammations, irritative eye disorders, and eye infections, it can also be carried out on its own. During putapaka, the medication’s potency is transferred to the inner layers of the eyes, keeping them heated and in contact with the epithelium.

It increases circulation, speeds up cell synthesis, and helps to eliminate obstructions in the channels of the eyes through its therapeutic properties. Additionally, it removes dirt and dead skin cells from the eyes. The eye santarpana procedures are putapaka and tarpanam. Putapaka helps restore overly nourished or oily eyes to a normal pH; for this reason, it is always used after tarpanam.

Benefits : 

  • It helps with dry eyes.
  • It improves and enhances vision.
  • The eyes’ refractive flaws are eliminated.
  • The chance of night blindness is reduced.

3. Anjana

Anjana is a holy herb used in traditional eye care procedures that protects eyesight, eye health, and total eye protection. Anjana, which comes in a variety of forms including pills, juices, powders, and wicks, is well known for its effectiveness in treating a wide range of eye disorders and as a protective against a range of ailments related to the eyes.

This amazing liquid is applied very carefully to the inside of the eyelids, where it is very important for maintaining and improving eye health. Its diverse qualities not only help to treat current eye conditions but also work as a preventative measure against future problems, encouraging long-term eye health.

The variety of ways that Anjana is used highlights how adaptable and versatile it is in meeting individual needs and preferences for eye care. Its ability to nurture and protect the eyes is a fundamental component of holistic eye care techniques, regardless of how it is applied as a powder, juice, tablet, or wick.

Benefits : 

  • Nourishes dry, arid, irritated, and tired eyes.
  • Strengthens the eye’s muscles and nerves.
  • Gives the eyes their freshness.
  • Improves the flow of blood to the facial nerves and muscles.

4. Seka

Netra Pariseka, also called Netra Seka, is an age-old Ayurvedic treatment method that is highly regarded for its ability to effectively treat conditions related to the eyes. During this painstaking process, a finely blended, medicinal liquid is carefully poured over closed eyelids from a height for a predetermined amount of time in a regulated stream. This exacting and traditional method aims to cure a variety of eye disorders by utilizing the therapeutic properties of specific Ayurvedic medications.

Netra Pariseka, which offers a comprehensive approach to eye care, is based on the principals of Ayurveda and seeks to revitalize and harmonize the delicate ocular tissues. The soft trickle of pharmaceutical liquid over the closed eyelids facilitates the infusion of medicinal ingredients and creates a supportive environment that promotes the recovery of eye health.

The method’s effectiveness depends on its careful application and adherence to time constraints, which enable the therapeutic qualities in the liquid to interact positively with the eyes, resolving issues and supporting healing. Using the natural healing properties of remedies taken from nature, Ayurvedic practitioners aim to treat eye-related conditions with this age-old approach.

The combination of Netra Pariseka’s emphasis on individualized care and the therapeutic efficacy of Ayurvedic formulations highlights the importance of this age-old method of treating eye diseases. Its subtle application demonstrates a deep comprehension of holistic medicine and emphasizes the continued value of ancient Ayurvedic methods in supporting ocular wellbeing and treating conditions related to the eyes.

Benefits : 

  • Nourishes the dry, arid, irritated, and tired eyes
  • Enhances the resilience and fortifies the nerves and muscles within the eyes.
  • Restores and refreshes the eyes, giving them a feeling of youth and energy.
  • Boosts the circulation within the facial muscles and nerves, promoting enhanced vitality and function.