Mr. Mohammed Bilal Siddiqui

Cheif Branding Officer (CBO)

Mr. Mohammed Bilal Siddiqui, The Business Partner of Amay India (Atharva Multispeciality Ayurvedic & Healing Centre) and a Co-Founder of Atharva Branding Businesses (The only 720 Degree Business Branding Company in Mysore)

His mission is to provide tools and strategies that everyone needs to transcend beyond their limiting fears and beliefs, accomplish their goals and realize their true desires. He is popularly known as Bilalofficialcoach and he is a Branding Expert & an Image Consultant. He is a Branding Consultant for 15+ companies, A serial Business Launcher, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Group Therapist, a C.B.O. for 5+ companies, a Mentor and a life coach.

He is a member of, Rotary, JCI, The Mysuru Club and is in the Alumni association of SBRR Mahajana’s & JSS CMS SJCE. He is currently under the mentorship of 19 world-class International mentors on various aspects of Personal and Professional life and a firm believer of lifelong learning and spends an average of 6 lac per annum on learnings & upgradations.